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Face Masks

With Face Masks becoming such an important accessory these days, who wouldn't want one to complete their Retro look?

When Covid-19 hit the United States, I snapped into action with a team of volunteers to produce over 3,500 masks to distribute to our community. As I experimented with different designs I made tutorials on YouTube showing people how to make their own at home. At first, we just wanted a mask on every face and didn't have time to think about making them "pretty". Now, working on my own, I say "whatever it takes to put a mask on your face".

What I'm offering here are my handmade masks in themed sets of 3- your choice of many colors and prints. They are two layers of cotton fabric with a layer of stabilizer fabric in the center for extra filtration, with elastic ear straps and wire nose bridge. A "Service Grade" version is offered with most designs, with soft cotton knit ties for comfy prolonged wear. Be sure when you drop a set in your cart that you have selected the proper size from the drop-down menu- Adult Loop, Adult Ties, Adult XL Loops, Child, or Toddler. If you see a set you like but don't see them offered the way you want them message me, and I'll try to make it happen. All are completely washable, they offer approximately 50% protection against airborne droplets.

You can also get a mask to match your Martini Shirt! Look at the description of the shirt color and size you like, and if it says we have enough fabric to make a custom order, then drop it in the cart and we will make a matching mask to ship along with your shirt.

A $5 flat rate will be added to your order when you pay, but it stays $5 no matter how many sets you order.