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Our Policies

By now you’ve realized that the garments on this site are all one-of-a-kind. They probably can’t be made again, largely due to small amounts of fabric available. Regrettably, we do not offer custom design or custom sizing services, but many items can be made again in other colors, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.

The designs posted on this site are “What You See is What you Get”, meaning they are offered as they are made in the studio. They are lovingly crafted, photographed, and listed.  We make every effort to describe them honestly and measure them accurately so you can measure yourself and purchase accordingly. You can always call the studio if you’re just not sure about something, it’s just that personal.

We give you two weeks with a garment before it cannot be returned. We understand that trying on clothing is key to knowing if it belongs to you, and traveling to Northwest Arkansas isn’t always possible. When you order, you are charged the price of the garment, and shipping is minimal. If it’s not for you, mail it back (at your expense) within two weeks, and if it is undamaged, unworn, and can be sold again for full price, you will be refunded the amount of the garment, minus a 10% restocking fee.

If your garment is perfect, wear it in good health, and be ready for the compliments. If you just have to have another one in another color, but don’t see it on the site, call and consult with Mark. Chances are good we can mail samples to you or send photos of something in stock that is not shown on the site.